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Rescue Dog Mom

Memory Keeper

Ice Creamer



First off, culver’s cookies and cream custard should really be an official food group. I believe Chick Fil A should be open on Sundays - can I get an Amen?! I believe retail therapy should be covered by insurance (Target and United Healthcare, start talking!) and that special moments deserve special attention, like me finding a great deal in that dollar section. I believe Netflix should bring back FRIENDS, like could there BE a better TV show? I believe your toes should be in the sand every moment they can be, and no car ride is complete without some 90’s music singalong with the windows rolled down. I believe every shelter dog should get a loving home, and that home should be mine…and in that home should be pull out stools in the kitchen so I can reach all the things... especially one of the 4 million cookbooks in the mysterious cabinet over the microwave that I've never, ever, used. 


When I’m not forcefully taking terrible selfies with my husband, Mike, or poorly dancing to country music in the living room with my pup, Bailey, you can find me watching reruns of anything Gordon Ramsay or chilling with my girls, Dorothy, Rose, Sophia and Blanche. Moscato should be in IV form and placed in my arm indefinitely. Just because I’m not Italian doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy throwing down a mean baked ziti for dinner and should you feel inclined to bring me ice cream you may just see my bad dance moves (doggo backup dancer included). My guiltiest pleasure of all is roaming the stationery aisle and buying more colorful pens that I’ll use in all 14 of my half written in planners. 




Rescue Dog Dad

Baseball Fanatic



Bottomless Pit

I believe the MLB season should last year-round and fantasy baseball should be a national sport. I believe Pepsi should sell an in-home fountain machine so that I could drink from the nozzle on the daily, because we all know the soda from the fountain is way better than a can or bottle, AM I RIGHT? I believe every backyard should have an outdoor kitchen where Gordon Ramsay yells at you when you fire it up and insults you as you grill your food. My wife makes the best grilled cheese ever and no, she did not pay me to say that. 


When I’m not fantasizing over the yankees and their 27 world series rings, you can find me writing music for high school band, wishing I was John Williams. (I realize not everyone is a nerd like me so, John Williams is the guy who wrote all the music for Star Wars, Jurassic Park, ET, Jaws, Harry Potter, The Sunday night NFL theme song, etc.) I may or may not have the Chinese place on speed dial and Chili’s dessert menu as my top 3 most visited websites. If a restaurant has apple pie or anything caramel, I’m a customer for life…you hear that Chili's? I’m not sure what the North does without Publix but I don’t think I could handle a life without Publix fried chicken ever again. I’m the designated top shelf retriever at home and at the grocery store. You probably guessed that Jenn wrote this for me because even though I write music, I loathe writing anything about me.

Tv Shows

Our Love Story

Michael and I met in high school up in NY. They said we'd never last, that we would never ~make it.

We dated for 6.5 years before I came home to Christmas lights on the front porch that read

" Will You Marry Me?"

We got married a year and a half later.

3 months after that, we packed up our lives, quit our jobs and moved across the country to Orlando

To think- The smartest decision I ever made, I made as a 16 year old junior in HS.

I'd never change a thing.

There's a whole lot of story in between all that,

But I couldn't possibly fit over 12 years of happiness on here.

We rescued an American Foxhound who is the sweetest thing

and completes our little family

We are living proof you can be a Mets fan and marry a Yankees fan

And survive.

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