2018 at a glance

2018 at a glance

Whenever a year ends and a new one begins, people feel the need to reflect back on the year they had. Some will say "it was the best year of my life" others will say it was the worst, and some are just conflicted. Year after year we see the same posts on social media about the year we've all had, and why would this be any different? ;-)

This year was weird. I stepped out of my comfort zone, a lot. But I was met with reward and success because of it. I guess you could put me in the "conflicted" group because although I had a lot of good, I also had a lot of bad.

We started the year off at my Uncle's. My dad and brother were down visiting.



What's better than doggos in party hats? Nothing. Until the next day when 1 doggo wound up really sick. Let's just say Bailey will never eat steak again lol!

We went to expos with friends....

And the dog park with Bayle (soooooooo many times)

We ended January with the death of my grandfather.

We remembered the good times with Fast Freddy and then soon lost our Uncle Tom, too.

Things began to look up, and stay there for a while.

Uncle Billy's Birthday

I even got my wedding album.............finally.

Adrienne's gender reveal was next, and although we all swore it was a boy...........

(SHE) wasn't!

Bailey's "Barkday" party was next, and although it makes me sound crazy, she deserved it.

It was around this time when I launched Jennifer Nicole Photography and started on this dream of mine.

And to add, I also started a new job at FuLL Sail.

we tried finding NY Pizza.........


and reunited with old friends

(look how pale I am)

We celebrated baby showers.....

and maternity pictures...

and baby births..... (lots of them!)

Did my first newborn session...

and got flipped off at my second....

We even paid off some debt...

we fostered a cat for a while...

and celebrated 10 years together

I flew to New York to see my Brother graduate high school

Where he is now playing college level football

And then it began................................

My dad was in the hospital for almost 2 months. He almost died after he was misdiagnosed and eventually his appendix ruptured. He's still recovering to this day, but we're happy he's still kickin'.

Won some trivia nights...

and celebrated 27

I even had a surprise party hahaha

I flew back up to NY for a bridal shower...

a bachelorette party....

(yes, we threw axes)

....a retirement.....

AND even met a new cousin

and even a birthday (it was a very event filled 3 days lol)

Did my first session with a horse.

and planned my first styled shoot!

I met another new cousin

and started photographing for Jack Daniel's

taught the hubby how to shoot..

and became a finalist in our town's "best of" awards

we lost a friend.... :(


and argued over painting... (mine looks better)

We embraced the NY winter weather one more time..

so we could see our dear friends get married

and visit loved ones

We did Christmas minis at the farm

and celebrated our 11th Christmas together

won some more trivia (F.r.i.e.n.d.s)

and got to spoil the world's sweetest girl

I even cut off all my hair and got promoted at work!

To say this year was an obstacle is an understatement... but another year completed, is another year that makes us stronger for the year ahead.

2018 I was blessed with so many good things- so many great clients who turned into great friends. Here's to more photography fun in 2019!

Cheers to 2019 my friends!

and to hoping the mets will do something this year -_______-


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